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Specialty Fabrics

Applying advanced materials and coating technologies, MITL offers specialty fabrics which meet the requirements of specific applications such as exhaust wraps, heat shielding, insulation, jacketing, welding, etc. The design and manufacturing processes adopted by MITL are highly progressive, and thoroughly assess the functional and quality requirements, before choosing appropriate materials and evaluating product conformance to these requirements.

The wide range of specialty fabrics extended by MITL includes diaphragm fabrics, special cord fabrics, synthetic tape fabrics, filter fabrics, fabrics for defense and hose fabrics.

Diaphragm Fabrics

Diaphragm fabrics are used as coated or compression moulded substrates in some of the most advanced automotive and aircraft engines applications. MITL uses high quality polyester and fibers to manufacture these fabrics in many variations and customizations, which easily meet the most stringent international standards and the customer's demands.

Synthetic Tape Fabrics

MITL manufactures a variety of nylon, polyester, polypropylene and other heavy duty synthetic tape fabrics. These fabrics impart durability, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance to the tapes, making them suitable for different requirements across industries such as medical, industrial safety, military and recreational equipment.

Hose Fabrics

MITL extends a range of flexible hose fabrics manufactured using a PVC bi-flammable double coating special thermal fusion part process. Composed of single or double layer silicon impregnated fabric, these products from MITL are non flammable, easily bendable, lightweight and strongly resistant to chemical abrasion.

Fabrics for Defense

Using advanced polymer technologies and coating processes, MITL is offers fabrics which meet the most stringent defense specifications. Carrying superior capabilities, these fabrics range from lightweight reinforcements to anti ballistic materials. These fabrics find application in clothing bags, pontoons, rafts, equipment covers, tents, fuel tents, shelters, lifting bags and protective clothing.

Filter Fabrics

MITL offers a wide selection of precision woven synthetic and metal filter fabrics, which successfully meet a variety of filtration, sifting and separation requirements. Known for their reliability, excellent strength and durability, these products from MITL find ready application in industries such as chemicals, cement, dyes-intermediates, pharmaceuticals, oil, automobile and foods. MITL offers filter fabrics in different GSM and microns, thus satisfying diverse client requirements. MITL produces these fabrics using high tenacity Polypropylene, Polyester, Polyamide (Nylon 6, Nylon 6.6), in Spun, Multifilament as well as monofilament yarn, Cotton and other man-made Fibers